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Nanton Junior Rodeo

2022 sponsor addresses


A barrier will be used for Team Roping, 14-16 Girls Breakaway and Tie Down Roping.

We are following Alberta High School Rodeo rules in the big arena to help contestants and families transition to high school rodeo. our goal is to help educate families on AHSRA rules. if an NJR volunteer mentions a rule to you, please know we are trying to help educate. If these rules are continuously disregarded by a family, there may be disqualifications. These arena rules can be found on the AHSRA website.


June 17th: Nanton Junior Rodeo #1 4:30 pm

June 18th: Nanton Junior Rodeo #2 11:00 am

June 24th: Nanton Junior Rodeo #3 10:00 am

June 25th: Nanton Junior Rodeo #4 11:00 am

July 8th: Nanton Junior Rodeo #5 4:30 pm

July 9th:Nanton Junior Rodeo #6 11:00 am


7 and under: barrels, poles, goat tail untying

8-10: barrels, poles, goats, 

11-13:barrels, poles, goats, 

14-16: barrels, poles, goats

Boys Goats (any age) 

12 & Under Breakaway

13 & over Breakaway (Girls only)

Tie Down Roping (14 & over, AHSRA member)

Team roping: open (one entry)

Novice Barrels/Poles/Goats: Novice competitors may be any age (under 16). They can be assisted or unassisted. They will receive a time, but there is no payout. There will be a year end prize for the novice competitors

Entry Fees:

$35 membership fee (paid at first rodeo attended)

**No membership fees for Novice Competitors

Novice Events (Barrels, Poles, Goat Tail Untying)  $5 each

7& Under, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16  Barrel Racing  - $15

7& Under, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16  Pole Bending - $15

8-10, 11-13, 14-16, Boys  Goat Tying - $20

Breakaway, Tie Down and Team Roping events - $20

Junior Steer Riding - TBD

$5 office fee on each contestant entry.

Entries will be online, please see our entries page.


  • Ages are as of January 1st, 2023

  • If you enter the boys goat tying, you cannot enter the other goat tying events.

  • If you enter any of the novice events, you cannot enter any of the other events.

  • A barrier will be used in all roping events except the 13 & under Breakaway.

  • Tie Down ropers must be a member of the AHSRA and be 14 years of age or over. You can't enter the Breakaway Roping  if you enter the Tie Down Roping. 

  • Abuse of any animal or human at any time during the event will not be tolerated and may result in the removal of the contestant and family from the Junior Rodeo Series

  • We are all volunteers, so please treat everyone with respect. Everyone is doing their best.

  • PLEASE HELP OUT WHERE YOU CAN, if we don't have volunteers step up, we will have to pay workers and fees will increase

  • Late entries will be charged a $50 late fee per rodeo. Late entries will ONLY be accepted up until the Tuesday before the rodeo. NO EXCEPTIONS

  • One Turn Out/contestant/season -- 2nd & future TO will result in entry fees being owed, and future entries will be held until Turn Outs are paid.

  • If you have a concerns, please chat with  Mida Blades, Justin Blades, Haley Elliott or Ty Elliott 

Points and payout:

  • Points will be given from 1st to 10th place (10 points for first, down to 1 point for 10th place)

  • Cumulative points throughout the rodeo season will determine year end placings.

  • If there is a tie in points, ties will be broken based on the number of rodeos attended, if still tied, the tie will be broken based on the fastest time (single time) of the series.

  • Payouts will be based on the number of competitors in each event. 70% payout after stock fees in each event.

  • You must attend 4/6 rodeos to qualify for prizes

  • Saddle draw winners MUST be in attendance at the finals to win the saddle. Contestant cannot have won a saddle in previous years. Novice contestants are not eligible.

We are once again asking for nominations for our Top Hand awards.

The Top Hand award is presented to a male and female competitor who demonstrates the following:


* Works hard to improve in their events

* Demonstrates strong horsemanship skills

* Shows kindness to animals, other competitors and volunteers

* Helps out in any area they can

* Is a role model to other competitors


You can nominate a competitor by filling out the following form. Nominations are due Monday, July 19th.


Sponsorship Information

Our rodeos are run by volunteers who dedicate their time to putting on these rodeos so that kids have an opportunity to compete and practice the sport of rodeo. However, there are many costs associated with putting on a rodeo and we are asking for your support. We have several sponsorship opportunities available this season:

For sponsorship information, please email Haley at


2023 sponsors


Nanton Promoters


Chadwick Agrifoods (Lundberg Family)

Stavely Elks


Kustra Insurance & Investments -

The Co-operators *

Stavely Pro Rodeo*

Ty and Haley Elliott/ Western Connections
South Country Co-op Claresholm
MD Ranchlands
Glen Keeley Memorial Bull Riding
Nanton Boosters
Good Time Party Rentals

Monteith Farms 


Mosquito Creek Law Office
TL Cattle Company
Maxine & Marla Russell
Paul & Lois Phillips
2W Livestock Equipment
Stacey and Dusty Roberts
Buhler Beef (Clint Buhler)
Magnum Trailer Sales
Arron & Lindsey Koster

Gold Spring Custom Hats 
Rockin P Ranch 
Dustin & Marla Gonnet 
Riley Ranch / Jody & Jason 
Wilderness Protection Solutions 
Elevation Luxury Homes 
Double A Renovations 
Jeana Arkes - ATB Wealth
Hub Commodities


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