welcome to  nanton junior rodeos 2022 !

****any CHANGES to the program will be made at the rodeo 

Online Entry form link will be posted here:

Entry form is open from  9am Monday to 9pm Tuesday the week before the rodeo.

Only entries using the Online Entry form will be accepted. Once entry form is removed, entries are closed. Rodeo Program will be posted by 8pm the Thursday before the rodeo.

Steer Riding will be added for the 2022 season.

Cash Entry Fees Only-Cash Payout.

New Policies:

---one late entry /contestant/season-once you have used your late entry, no more will be accepted.

---one Turn Out/contestant/season -- 2nd & future TO will result in entry fees being owed, and future entries will be held until Turn Outs are paid.

When entering NJR rodeos, you need click on the link box provided to access the Entry Form for each rodeo. EACH CONTESTANT MUST COMPLETE AN ENTRY FORM FOR EACH RODEO, you cannot enter 2 rodeos by completing & submitting one form. It is very important to enter your email address carefully, this is where your confirmation email will go. Make sure you complete the form all the way to the bottom, click on NEXT at the bottom of each section and them hit "submit." If you don't get a confirmation email you should presume your entry did not go through. Try again or email to: njrentries@gmail.com to check.

this is only a tutorial on how to complete the form, it is not a usable form, click the box above to enter |(when form is open).