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Nanton Nite Rodeo Meeting April 17 @7pm Location: Nanton Town Council Board Room at the Tom Hornecker Recreation Center. Everyone Welcome!

2024 Rodeo Dates 

2024 Nanton Nite Rodeo Dates

Nanton Nite Rodeo #1 Monday, July 1st @3pm (Canada Day)

Nanton Nite Rodeo #2 Thursday, July 11 @ 7pm

Nanton Nite Rodeo #3 Thursday, July 18th @ 7pm

Nanton Nite Rodeo #4 Saturday, July 27th @ 7pm

Nanton Nite Rodeo #5 Saturday, August 3rd @ 5pm

Nanton Nite Rodeo #6 Monday, August 5th @ 3pm (Finals)

We are often asked about who may compete in Nanton Nite rodeos. In order to compete, you must permanently live within the following boundaries: 

North - 626 Ave (MD of Foothills), South: TWP 134 (MD Willow Creek), East: Little Bow River, West: BC Border.  See link botton above - Nanton Nite Rules 2015.


if you have competed in Nanton Nite Rodeo in the past, but have moved outside of the boundaries, you can apply to the board for an exemption.

There is no longer an automatic grandfather rule. Email your letter of application to

Entry Fees:

$30 Sr. Event Membership

$15 Junior Membership

NO Novice Membership fee


$40 for Sr. Events

$35 Jr. Breakaway

$20 Jr. events (14 years and under)

$10 Novice (Novice competitors must be under 10 years old and must be able to ride on their own. No leading)

*$10 stock fee deducted for roughstock and roping events

*$5 Admin fee deducted in Jr. and Sr. Poles and Barrels

**Ages are as of January 1st 2024


Novice Barrel Racing

Junior and Senior Pole Bending
Junior and Senior Barrel Racing

Senior Breakaway Roping
Junior Breakaway Roping
Tie Down Roping
Team Roping
Adult/Child Team Roping

Novice Steer Riding

Open Steer Riding

Bareback/Bronc Riding

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Sponsorship Information

If you are interested in helping to support the Nanton Nite Rodeo, please contact us at


2023 sponsors

Gold Spring Custom Hats

Mesabi Ranch

Cattlemens Corner

B&B Energy

Lazy B Timed Events

Cowboy Country Clothing

Trails End Beef


The Hive 

Robin Burwash

Nanton Auto Parts

Lively Realty

Georgie's Cafe

Rocking P Ranch

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